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After applying a gentle shae butter and lemon peel treatment, a licensed professional moves a pen-like wand, with a diamond-studded tip gently over you face, neck & decollete in short, quick strokes, breaking up dull, dead skin cells as the wand whisks them away. A vacuum draws away the exfoliated cells, giving a complexion a fresher and more youthful appearance by minimizing large pores, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, age spots & acne marks.

LED Lights:

Our led light therapy mask adopts innovates PDT technology and medical-beauty leds that transmits natural light waves activated photoreceptors in deep skin cells to beautify your skin. Led photon mask is ideal for all skin types,especial for T-zone oil skin care. Choose your preferred color setting.

Red Light 

Helps treat wrinkles. Promotes blood circulation, repairs skin

Yellow Light

Relieves skin erythema, redness and swelling

Blue Light 

Helps treat acne breakouts. Calms allergic skin and helps sebaceous glands

Infrared Light 

Detoxifies the body, provide pain relief, aids in weight loss, improves heart health, purifies the skin, and provides relaxation and stress relief.

6-12 Sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Diamond Microdermabrasion With LED Lights: Diamond Microdermabrasion With LED Lights
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